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Pre-IB students opting to sign up for SAT(I) classes will practise the newly-designed SAT tests.

A small, specialised company celebrating its 20th year offering personalised IB summer programs for students. In 2014, students of different nationalities from IB schools on five continents attended our IB summer school at Stanford. Our 2015 program will consist of a complete range of choices for the future and current IB student whilst offering them the fun, challenge and excitement of a college environment. We have a solid, international reputation for providing students, parents and schools with a distinctive and individualised level of service.

Stanford University Building
Collection of Summer School Photos
What the Students Said
"I had a lot of fun and although i was a little worried, because I didn't know anyone before arriving I made many new friends from all over the world during the first few days. - Lea Gottwald."
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