Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a wealth of information about ISC IB Summer Courses. Please click on a question to find out more.

1. Applications

No you do not need any documentation from your school.

2. Classes / Programs / Teachers

Yes applications are open at all times and there is no deadline date although early application is advised. As the courses for each year are completed the International Summer School website is set up for the next year and you can complete your online application.

If you have completed one year of your IB program then you should join the MID IB program and if you are about to start your IB you should join the Pre IB program.

Yes you can make changes to your subject choices at any time as long as you let us know by emailing

All classes adhere to the IB syllabus in chosen subjects.

All enrolled students will have an online questionnaire to complete in June for each subject they have chosen and these will be sent to your teachers so that you have an opportunity to tell the teacher exactly what you wish to study whilst on the program.

In exceptional circumstances this may be possible but we do not advise it.

Take a look at this timetable to see what your day will look like:

Classes will be held in teaching rooms of Stanford University all rooms have modern facilities. Some are lecture theatres and others are smaller teaching rooms. Sessions will be 1.5 hours long with breaks in between.

A typical weekday will look like this:

  • 07:15-08:15 Breakfast
  • 08:45-12:15 IB Academic Class
  • 12:30-13:45 Lunch
  • 13:45-15:45 Options
  • 16:00-18:00 Private study/Sports/Social
  • 18:00-18:30 Dinner
  • 18:30-21:00 Evening activities
  • 21:00-22.30 Private study / social

Classes are small, friendly, but intensive and academic. You need to be fresh and alert to get as much as possible out of them. After class, students can study privately in their rooms or the library and will then join in the sports and social program.

You can take a maximum of six afternoon classes however you do not need to take any classes and study sessions will run at the same time as afternoon classes

Individual tuition is a one to one class with a subject specific teacher that you can opt to take and the timing of it is arranged between you and the teacher concerned.

Yes when you have successfully completed the program you will receive a report from each of your subject teachers and a certificate of attendance.

Our teachers are experienced IB teachers from International IB schools worldwide.

All classes are small and will not exceed 10-12 students and are often much smaller ensuring you have plenty of contact with your subject teacher.

3. Laptops / Internet Access

If you choose to bring your laptop (at your own risk) internet access and wifi is free and available in all areas of the campus including the dorms.

Once you have applied to the program you may access your personal details by clicking on Log In in the top right hand corner of the screen using the email address you gave on your application form and the password you entered when applying.

4. Payments / Fees

You can make payment at any time by logging in to your account if you wish to pay be credit card, or following the link or if you wish to pay by bank transfer the details can be found on the Fees page of the website at

Deposits ($1000) should be paid at the time of application to ensure you have a confirmed place on the program.

Balance payments can be made at any time using the information above and should be paid by the final payment date May 1st although applications are accepted after this date.

5. Accommodation / Extra Nights / Food / Rooming With Friends

Our program uses the residence halls used by Stanford students during term time and more information can be found at

We can provide you with a list of hotels/motels and prices very close to campus where you can stay at any time before or after the program.

Yes you need to tell us on your application form or by emailing and rooms are generally twin bedded.

All meals during your stay, breakfast, lunch and dinner, are provided except dinner on both Saturdays as this is when weekend trips take place.

We cannot provide accommodation on campus for parents but are happy to supply a list of hotels/motels which are very close if required.

6. Travel / Visas / Insurance / Photos

Yes all flights are the responsibility of the student and you are expected to arrive on campus between 11 - 5pm on the first Sunday of the program

The nearest international airport is San Francisco International although San Jose is also close to the Stanford campus.

You need to make your own way to campus and information is provided to registered students with full details of how to get to the Stanford campus. Arrangements can be made for you to be met at the airport however costs for this need to be met by the student concerned.

Any time between 11 - 5pm on the first Sunday of the program

Any time after lunch on the last Friday of the program or earlier if you need to because of flights

Yes we will ensure you have work from your teacher if, because of flight times, you need to leave early on the last Friday of the program

Yes you cannot attend the program without medical insurance that is valid for USA and the dates of the program and we will require a copy of your insurance certificate. We do offer medical insurance for students who cannot arrange their own cover and this can be selected and paid for on your application.

You need a tourist visa for this program and once you are registered and have paid your deposit you will receive a letter confirming your participation in the program. Please check with your embassy if you will need to apply for a visa.