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A small, specialised company celebrating its 22nd year offering personalised IB summer programs for students. In 2017, students of different nationalities from IB schools on five continents attended our IB summer school at Stanford. Our 2018 program will consist of a complete range of choices for the future and current IB student whilst offering them the fun, challenge and excitement of a college environment. We have a solid, international reputation for providing students, parents and schools with a distinctive and individualised level of service.

Montage of Stanford University

Hoover Tower image courtesy of: Ian Terpin/Stanford News Service

Summer 2018 Student Courses

Our summer courses are specifically designed for IB diploma students and, once again, will be based on the beautiful campus of Stanford University, California. We offer Pre-IB courses for students completing grade 10 and who are about to start their IB diploma and Mid-IB with a selection of subjects and options for students who have already completed one year of their IB program.

Who Are ISC?

International Summer Courses Ltd is a successful company offering a bespoke and personalized service to students, parents and schools. As the Director of the company, I take a personal interest in all students attending our courses and have extensive experience as an IB coordinator, teacher and examiner. ISC has a safeguarding policy and takes student safety and protection extremely seriously and all teachers and staff working with students have been police checked. Qualified first aid personnel are available to students at all times. My professional experience has involved me working in a variety of IB schools worldwide including establishments in Mexico, UK, France, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. This extensive experience has provided me with a heightened awareness of the demands of the IB program and the unique needs of IB students. I believe very strongly in the philosophy of the IB and consider that the beautiful surroundings of Stanford University enhance our ability to deliver a unique and academic IB experience for all our students.

Dr Kathleen Huxley

What Students Said

"I just wanted to say thank you to all staff members for organising such a great camp :) I learned a lot during the classes and all the teachers were very kind and helpful."

Pre-IB student

What Parents Said

"The course was very well organised and I felt my daughter was well taken care of as soon as she arrived in San Francisco and throughout the whole three weeks. As a parent of a youngster this age this is so very important. Thank you for everything!"

Sue Bischel.

Who are the faculty?

All the IB subject teachers who teach on our program are accomplished, expert and qualified teachers currently teaching in IB schools around the world, many are also IB examiners. All our staff live in the Stanford dorm alongside the students which means they are available for the duration of the program to provide reassurance and answer any queries. Their aim is to provide an environment where students can maximize their Stanford experience whilst enjoying their time on our program. Together with Stanford graduate students, who work alongside our experienced teaching staff, we offer an exciting sports and social program that completes the Stanford experience for our students.

Here is a peek at a few of our teachers...

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