Insurance Protection

You may wish to take out the medical insurance we offer or take out your own private medical insurance before arrival as we will need a copy of the insurance certificate.

If you are not opting for the insurance cover offered by ISC or you do not have medical insurance from an American provider you are required to pay $750 to the doctor before any medical treatment is undertaken. Therefore if you do not provide us with a copy of your own medical insurance certificate/card by May 31st we will be obliged to add $750 to your invoice to cover the possibility of this additional charge. If you are carrying your own medical insurance then you should have a credit card or $750 cash to ensure you will receive medical care if required.

It is advisable to take out comprehensive insurance to cover your travel and personal belongings and any unforeseen circumstances such as health or visa issues. We cannot refund fees after the final payment date of May 1st as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

Financial Pappers and Pen