Mid IB Academic Program

These are classes for students at the end of their first year on an IB program and who will take the exam in May or November 2019.

This is an intensive review program that permits students to choose three subjects that are the most appropriate for their individual academic needs. They can choose an IB subject at the level they require for each week of their stay with us and complete their studies in a beautiful and stunning environment.

Which Mid-IB Review class is suitable for me?

You may wish to improve in subject areas in order to secure the maximum points in your IB examinations.

The classes you choose may be in IB subjects you feel you need more in-depth revision, in which you may have gained poor grades due to absence or illness or where you have gaps in your knowledge or understanding of certain concepts.

What the Teachers Think

"Even though we may teach at International schools with a varied student population, the dynamics offered by international students from different international schools is exponentially more energetic"

Dave Crawford, IB Coordinator

Subjects Studied

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Subject Level Subject Level Subject Level
English A Language & Literature HL/SL English A Literature HL/SL English A Language & Literature HL/SL
Biology HL Biology HL/SL Chemistry HL/SL
Chemistry SL Chemistry HL Physics HL
Physics SL Physics HL/SL Maths HL
Maths HL Maths HL Maths SL
Maths SL Maths SL Economics SL
History HL/SL Maths Studies SL History HL/SL
Economics HL Economics HL/SL Business & Management HL/SL
Business & Management HL/SL French B Psychology HL/SL

Subjects marked as HL/SL will combine both levels in the same class. You will spend up to 18hrs on each subject taking classes each weekday morning of the program. As group sizes are small you will be able to go over any gaps in your knowledge, thoroughly review the syllabus, practise exam techniques, discuss difficulties and concentrate on a single subject for a week.

In a residential setting you will be asked to work hard but should find the course very worthwhile putting you in a good position to tackle your final year and the IB exams with increased confidence. Classes will be held in teaching rooms of Stanford University all rooms have modern facilities. Some are lecture theatres and others are smaller teaching rooms. Sessions will be 1.5 hours long with breaks in between.

A typical weekday will look like this:

•07:15-08:15 Breakfast

•08:45-12:15 IB Academic Class

•12:30-13:45 Lunch

•13:45-15:45 Options

•16:00-18:00 Private study/Sports/Social

•18:00-18:30 Dinner

•18:30-21:00 Evening activities

•21:00-22.30 Private study / social

Classes are small, friendly, but intensive and academic. You need to be fresh and alert to get as much as possible out of them. After class, students can study privately in their rooms or the library and will then join in the evening sports and social program.

Students in a classroom