Pre IB Optional Afternoon Classes

You can choose which optional afternoon class you wish to take and these will enable you to gain new knowledge or improve your existing skills. You can choose two subjects each week. Each subject gives you four one hour classes per week.

Time Management and Organisation

Students about to begin their IB are expected to already have the skills which will help them to organize their time, their workload and to study independently. This class will teach you how to develop and improve these skills and become more efficient when using libraries and resources for research, taking notes in class, completing homework and other assignments.

Team Games & Sports

Our expert coach has the experience and knowledge to provide support in team games and sports to students of any ability or confidence level. These classes will provide you with opportunity to have fun whilst playing a selection of team games. Students taking the course will decide, with the assistance of the coach, what sports they wish to play and these may include ultimate Frisbee, baseball, basketball, volleyball or football. During this class you will get the opportunity to make friends and enjoy yourself whilst developing your sporting skills.

SAT Test Preparation in Maths, Critical Reading and Writing

As you know, nearly every college in the USA accepts the SAT as part of its admission procedures and many of you will be applying to US Universities. Our afternoon test practice classes will enable students to be better prepared for the SAT tests by improving the skills necessary to maximise their scores. Separate classes are available for each of the above areas and you should choose the practice classes that suit your needs.

ACT Test Preparation in English, Reading and Mathematics and Science

Competition for university places can be fierce and college readiness assessment scores are a vital tool when applying to US and Canadian universities. The ACT is a standardized test which is now extremely popular and has recently surpassed the SAT in total test-takers. It is a test which measures high school school students’ general education and their capability to complete college-level work.

Academic English

This course is aimed at students who may lack confidence in their ability to express themselves orally or in written work in English. This class will help you to improve in the areas mentioned and also develop your communication skills thus providing you with the opportunity for creative intellectual stimulation and enjoyment whilst practicing your oral and written work.

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