Pre IB Introduction

What students will gain from attending this course

This highly successful course introduces students to the challenges and demands of their forthcoming IB Diploma Program and ensures that they are fully prepared for starting their DP with confidence. With 22 years of experience in delivering this course we feel we understand the needs of our students and know how to maximise the benefits of their time with us.

Over three weeks all students will be taught by a highly qualified and dedicated team of experienced and current IB teachers, some of whom will be IB examiners. They will live and study on one of the most beautiful and prestigious campuses in the world, meet new friends and experience a taste of college life in a highly structured, safe and stunning environment.

Stanford University Building

Academic rigour - all the elements of this course are directly related to what students can expect to experience in their future IB classes in terms of both classwork and homework. All staff adhere strictly to IB subject curricula using past papers and actual examples of what is expected at each level of the IB to ensure students are fully prepared. All students attend the courses of their choice at either HL or SL which enables precision teaching and gives students greater confidence and insight into what they can expect when then start their diploma. Take a look at the courses on offer.

Small groups - all subject groups are taught in Stanford classrooms and consist of no more than 10 students and often even lower numbers.

No less than 52.5 hours actual class time with their specialist teachers when students will be working on their IB subjects.

Optional afternoon classes - These classes are available to all Pre-IB students who may choose up to six subjects over three weeks. Please take a look at the page dedicated to explaining the courses on offer to you.

Sports and Social Program - a dedicated team of experienced teachers and Stanford graduates will organise a complete and varied program of sports and social activities for evenings and weekends. See the social information page for more detailed information about this aspect of the course.

Career advice - all students will attend a presentation by a Stanford University Admissions officer who will talk them through the US admissions process and they can then talk one to one with the officer or our own knowledgeable staff about their options and requirements. Additionally students may opt to attend our highly specialised and excellent College Admission course.

Supervised study sessions - students will have dedicated study time that will be supervised by IB teachers who will be more than happy to assist students with any IB related questions or problems.

Homework - subject specific teachers will set homework for their students which will generally be 1- 2hrs per evening.

Reports - all subject teachers will provide a written report that details the different aspects of each students progress and participation in their chosen subjects.

Individual tuition - any student who feels they require additional one to one tuition in a particular subject may opt for this in the IB subject of their choice.

What Students Said

"The Mid IB program at Stanford allows students to revise their IB subjects with very professional and helpful teachers and to enjoy the beautiful Stanford campus by joining in lots of activities with new found friends."

Mid-IB student