Parental Recommendations

We are very aware that parents who are sending their son or daughter on their first long haul travel to our summer camp may be apprehensive. For this reason we have parents of students who have previously attended our program who are more than happy to offer reassurance to prospective parents.

If you wish to correspond with one of these parents please contact us at and we will put you in contact. Any correspondence between parents is strictly confidential and not influenced or dependent on ISC.

After 22 years of running this course we are very conscious of the worries that parents have regarding the safety of their child and how to ensure they have a rewarding and fruitful experience. We can reassure all parents that student safety and wellbeing, alongside their academic work, is our primary concern. For this reason we run a highly structured and organized program with great emphasis on pastoral care, safety, enjoyment and students welfare.

Our pastoral staff are all fully qualified teachers who are very familiar with residential student life, working in excellent independent schools in term time, and are fully versed in how to achieve the best results for students at every level. Lucy Crampton is the Director of the pastoral team and she, and her staff, are available throughout the program to speak directly to parents and are on duty at all times.

Stanford is a beautiful, safe and contained campus which hosts thousands of students in term time and is fully equipped with its own world class medical facilities such as the Stanford hospital. Students on our course eat, work, sleep and play in the dorms, classrooms, dining rooms and world class sports facilities of this amazing and fully contained campus and any trips off campus, of which there are many, are arranged and accompanied by fully qualified teaching staff. For an idea of just what the Stanford campus has to offer take a look at